Friday, October 21, 2011

faith in the trenches

Welcome to faith in the trenches (sister blog of better is a little).

I started this blog wanting to connect with other moms who, quite frankly, might be losing their minds. And I mean, on some days, certifiably psychotic.

Like you, I'm in the trenches. I have an almost-14 year old girl. I have a just-turned 8 year old girl. I have a relatively new 5 year old boy. I have an almost 2 1/2-year old boy.

And I have a delicious hubby of almost 7 blessed years.

We are a blended family. We split a house with my parents. Hubby commutes an hour to work. We just-this-year bought our first car that was actually OURS. I don't personally know what the "average family" has or is or does, but for the most part I feel like it's not us. And in a weird way, I feel like that does make us normal.

The real normal. The normal that we all feel, but are afraid to speak, because it makes us too:
imperfect. wrong. ignorant. dumb. forgetful. short-tempered. mean-spirited. jealous. disorganized. lazy. messy. behind. frustrated. self-centered. like-a-failure.

Well...welcome to the blog of a real mom. I go through most of those self-condemnations on a daily basis. And not O.N.E. of them is from God. God my Father - who loves me; God the Son - who's walked where I've walked; God the Holy Spirit - left here to comfort/guide/speak for me, even me.

I don't have all the answers. In fact, I feel I have very few. But God loves me, and is growing me over a long (l.o.n.g.) process. When I come across a new idea, insight, encouragement, nugget of wisdom straight from the Throne, I want to pass it on to you.

We're supposed to do this journey together. I canNOT do this momma-hood alone. Care to flounder with me while we're in the trenches?

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